Smart Home

Intelligent Networking in the field of building technologies
Smartly and efficiently integrate renewable energy systems into the IT building infrastructure.

SH – Smart Home

Smart renewable energy systems integrated into the IT building infrastructure.

Systems that communicate through radio are very practical in the case of refurbishment and retrofitting in old buildings. In a short time, without producing dirt and damaging the building structure, the desired equipment can be put into operation.

A very important detail, for example, in the case listed buildings.

We prefer wired systems.

They guarantee maximum security in the SmartHome.

As far as communication security is concerned, wired systems can be evaluated easier though. The radio signal can be easily disturbed by the simultaneous use of another device with the same transmission frequency, such as a radio headset. Even a neighboring telephone transmission mast can operate against a trouble-free operation.

Wherever electricity and heating energy are used, modern control technology can increase the efficiency offering an almost infinite number of possible combinations.

In the homes of today and of the future, smart / intelligent control and networking are becoming indispensable.

The economic efficiency reasons are obvious:

Only smart technology can provide a high level of connectivity and an optimal mix answering the requirements of the current technology standards. The networking and combination between different renewable energy technologies automatically increases the efficiency, the flexible just-in-time applicability and therefore the economic efficiency.

Amortization is easily achievable in less than 5 years. The use of renewable energy technologies, generated by modern control technology, effectively and economically replaces old energy sources from fossil resources.

SH – Smart Home


HomeMatic IP from eQ-3.
We make home control easy

HomeMatic offers a practical solution for almost all situations of daily life at home: the home control system makes everyday life easier and takes care of recurring events in the home,by operating various home appliances, such as retracting the awning, rolling down the shutters or opening the garage door.


Everything can be controlled conveniently via the control panel, through a remote control, the PC software or via smartphone.

It is possible to combine different applications.


Homematic devices are easy to install and operate, combining quality and functionality with clear operation. Since the components communicate with each other through radio, no cables need to be installed.


The use of state-of-the-art radio technology offers you almost 100% availability of the functions. The bi-directional protocol transmission allows direct feedback on whether control commands starts and are in process of execution.

SH – Smart Home


The Gira KNX system –
Fully smart home

The Gira KNX system introduces a whole new dimension of modern living. The smart concept of networking and control of building technology noticeably increases the level of  comfort while ensuring greater safety and lower energy costs.


Network building technology via cable

A prerequisite for intelligent networking via KNX is a cable usually installed in the new building together with the power supply. The intelligence relies on the tactile sensors or control centers. These devices replace the conventional switches and send control commands to lights, blinds, the music system and other KNX devices.


Central control of the entire building technology

Functions such as light, blinds, heating, ventilation and safety technology can be easily controlled or automated via the KNX system. The functions can also be networked with each other – individually tailored to your wishes and specific requirements.

SH – Smart Home

BOSCH Smart Home

With products from Bosch Smart Home your home processes can be controlled automatically. Interconnected devices communicate with each other and adapt to the changing circumstances of your everyday life.

Your advantage: You no longer have to worry about details and have more time for !

An intelligent heating control, for example, saves energy costs while guaranteeing a comfortable climate.

With an automated home surveillance, your home is protected around the clock.Thanks to the intuitive operation regulated via smartphone app, the control of the smart home system is very simple and also doable while on the move.

SH – Our strong partner

We only use the best components.

Made in Germany.

For all system-relevant components in the field of Smart Home (SH) sector, we work exclusively with the market leaders in the industry. Therefore, our customers enjoy all the benefits of such a collaboration:

  • A high product and service quality
  • Technology leadership

as well as 

  • an excellent price-/perfomance ratio.

All components are also tailored and tested for optimal use, the result of our many years of experience in the field of equipment construction.

homematic-ip-logo-neSmartHome Products,
Made in Germany.

Homematic IP is the new generation of eQ-3’s successful homematic smart home systems.

The steadily growing offer of Homematic IP includes products from the areas of indoor climate, safety, lighting and shading as well as many accessories.


A fully smart home,
Made in Germany.

The Gira KNX system introduces a whole new dimension to the modern living. The smart concept connecting networking with control of building technology noticeably increases the level of living comfort through higher safety standards and lower energy costs.

bosch-logoUnique products,
Made in Germany.

Every home is different. With the help of carefully considered and elegant safety individual solutions from Bosch Smart Home, you can design your monitoring system of your household and of your surrounding. Therefore, your home will benefit of extra security, comfort and design – both in the areas of indoor and outdoor surveillance. The products are allowing their integration into the Bosch Smart Home System at a later date.