Electricity produced with solar energy
From the stand-alone power systems to the large industrial plants, we offer you the full offer of services.

PV – Photovoltaic

Generate electricity from solar energy


Technology prevails. Sunstream of the highest quality for everyone !!

Several megawatts of installed PV power are the proof that economy, longevity and ecological thinking suits each other.

Get safe power from the sun, autonomous and profitable, for the next 30 years.


  • Industry
  • SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises)
  • Households
The results are impressive from all the points of view, with a profit up to 15%, a rarity among the European investment models.  

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We have found for you a way to secure real returns on the European market.

Photovoltaic systems are constantly evolving. The efficiency increases from a year to another.

One day we will produce as much power with one module as we do today with ten modules.

Find your path to a clean future!

The cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic systems is positive, especially due to its high level of self-consumption or if the plant is located in a country with many hours of sunshine and a fixed feed-in payment is possible.

Thus, we currently have shining offers, with amortization periods of 4.5-15 years, depending on the general situation.

PV – Photovoltaic

Power plants for feed-in and self-consumption

300,000 kWh / a and more.

The self-consumption is a very economically efficient idea for large consumers and has outstanding amortisation period of time.

Investing in a PV system is worthwhile for both investors and private customers. Depending on the geographical region and the remuneration, yields are as good as in Germany!

Doubling the money + 5-15% return on full feed-in systems.

Secure real returns now! And also invest in a clean future!

PV – Photovoltaic

Small and medium-sized businesses

20,000-300,000 kWh/a

Even in the case of consumers with less kWh/a consumption, the purchase of a PV autonomous-consumption system usually pays off after 5-8 years.

PV – Photovoltaic

Own consumption with feed-in system

1000-20.000 kWh / a

For private customers, renewable energy technologies are the opportunity to economically prepare for the future.

Conclusion: Save money and increase the value of your property!

PV – Photovoltaic

Autonomous / off-grid systems

The question of enjoying independence, conferred by the autonomous energy system, for the mountain hut, Quinta, garden shed, caravan and boat, etc. can currently be solved only with a power storage.

Batteries, charge controllers, inverters, cooling systems, accessories

Do you need help combining and building a stand-alone system for a purpose tailored to your needs?

Contact us! We plan your autonomous system for all areas of use and for a wide range application.

Wireless energy without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

PV – Photovoltaic

Power storage

For both private and industrial customers, storage will become more and more appealing in the coming years.

For private customers, the storage facility means significantly more independence and optimum utilization of the energy produced by the photovoltaic system.

For industrial and commercial customers, the storage means huge savings by reducing power leaks.

PV – Photovoltaic

Refrigerated warehouses

Matching a refrigerated or freezing warehouse system with a photovoltaic system is an ingenious idea, particularly in sunny countries.

We have studied extensively this idea and following complex research, we reached the conclusion that nowadays, systems with up to 90% self-consumption level can be created, due to the overnight savings.

Especially when it comes to self-consumption, with an availability of over 30 years, this idea is an example of economic efficiency, with all its direct consequences.

PV – Photovoltaic


A photovoltaic carport pays off! A wise investment for both your home, industrial and commercial systems. Especially in southern countries, energy production and shade provision can be wonderfully combined in a variety of ways.

Enjoy a cool car, recharge your own electricity for your vehicle and invest in a carport self-consumption system for private use, for your company or your supermarket car park. All these solutions are fully ecologically and have outstanding short payback periods.

Your neu-energie team.

PV – Our strong partner

We only rely on the best components.

Made in Germany.


For all system-relevant components such as the solar modules, inverter, rack technology and cabling, we work exclusively with the market leaders in the industry. As a result, our customers enjoy all the benefits associated with it:


  • A high product and service quality
  • Technology leadership as well
  • Excellent price / performance ratio

All components are also tailored for optimal use and selected based on our extensive experience in the field of plant construction.


Inverters of the highest quality,
Made in Germany.

SMA offers the right device for every application: for all types of modules, for grid coupling and feed-in of isolated grids, for small building systems and commercial systems within the megawatt range.

Best quality of solar panels,
Made in Germany.

Heckert Solar produces exclusively in Germany at the location Chemnitz in Saxony. Therefore, the solar panels from Heckert Solar are among the most profitable “Made in Germany” photovoltaic modules, making them the first choice for customers interested in high-end quality when interested in long-term investments.

Solar panels produced in Germany,
Made in Germany.

In Frankfurt-Oder there is one of the most modern, fully automatic production line of solar panels in Europe. Here, Astronergy is currently producing solar panels with a total output of 340 MW per year.

Best quality of fastening systems,
Made in Germany.

More than two decades of experience in the solar industry and in track technology: flat roofs, pitched roofs, on-roof or outdoor installations – the range of high-quality tracks ranges from pre-assembled and partially pre-assembled substructures to tailor-made solutions.


High-quality inverters,
Made in Germany.

High-quality products and outstanding service make Fronius Solar Energy the quality leader on the world market for solar energy. As a pioneer and high-class inverter manufacturer,  Fronius offers a wide range of products. These include inverters, storage solutions, meters and energy monitoring equipment.


Electricity storage from the world’s market leader

LG Chem is a global leader in the field of energy solutions with manufacturing facilities in Korea, China, Poland and the US. The Energy Storage System (ESS) from LG Chem is a leader in the global energy storage market. The ESS Battery Division encompasses cell, BMS and energy storage products for all home, grid-scale and UPS markets around the world.


Power storage,
Made in Germany.

Battery storage for commercial enterprises. Lithium-ion-based electricity storage units that can be connected to all renewable energy sources through a low-voltage grid. All TESVOLT storage tanks are produced in our own production facility in Germany.

TESVOLT storage systems are designed for commercial and industrial use. Safety, durability, performance and reliability are therefore very important for TESVOLT products.


Power storage,
Made in Germany.

Strong design, innovative technology, comfortable use. Whether private household or large-scale industry – Mercedes-Benz Energy offers a suitable storage solution for every needs. The Mercedes-Benz energy storage systems optimize the self-consumption of solar power, design your energy supply with a highest level of independence and efficiently, manage the load peaks in energy requirements or contributes to the grid stabilization.