Thermal Energy

Solar heating, geothermal energy or heat generation produced from renewable raw materials
For private or commercial use, we offer a wide variety of technologies for heating generation.

ST – Solar thermal energy

Privat / Commercial

  • Flat-plate collectors
  • Tube collectors


ST – Solar thermal energy

Gain heat from solar energy

The most important advantages of solar thermal at a glance:

By generating heat from solar energy, up to 65 percent of the annual heating costs can be reduced.

The plant can work effectively also during the winter time. The solar thermal is available unlimited. It is CO2 emission-free.

Solar thermal energy is the climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels heating. When considering the advantages and disadvantages of solar thermal energy, the good environmental balance becomes immediately clear:

Since no fossil fuels are burned, thermal energy can be produced in a very non-harmful way. For the production of solar panels, large amounts of silicon are necessary. However, quartz sand is a material available in almost unlimited quantities.

Wherever thermal energy is needed, it can be collected in a buffer tank with a solar thermal system and can greatly relieve all heating systems and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels or, for example, the power consumption of a heat pump.

In warmer regions of the world, a solar thermal system alone can answer all the heating needs, as often with 300 days of sunshine per year, enough energy can be saved for the winter time for creating a comforting level of heating while also saving overall energy costs.

The amortisation period is around 5-20 years, depending on the nature of the project and energy sources previously used.

Feel free to get in touch with us,  we are happy to calculate for your the cost-effectiveness of your solar system based on your specific requirements!

TS – Thermal Storage

Private / Commercial

The buffer storage as the central element of a solar thermal system.

TS – Thermal Storage

Safe thermal energy in an effective way

Thermal storage is currently the most widely used storage form for active energy. It is not praised in vain, as it offers numerous advantages, especially when the energy requirement and the energy production do not overlap in time.

The advantages, in brief:

  • Increase the usability of renewable energies, despite strong daily and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Avoidance of load peaks of energy demands such as the same compensation, therefore a more rational use of the current energy resources.
  • Increase or guarantee the security of supply.
  • Increase of transit times for improving the efficiency of heat generators.
  • Reduction of cooling wastes in heat generators.
  • Reduction of pollutant emissions during frequent cycles of heat generators.
Wherever thermal energy is needed, it makes sense to collect it in a buffer tank.

The buffer tank makes the central element of the heating and hot water units.

The buffer tank is used by solar systems, heat pumps, central heating systems, mix heat and power plants, water-based stoves u.v.m. filled with energy, which is then properly portioned dispensed well and again put into circulation.

HP – Heat pumps

In the different system combinations:

  • Air Water
  • Brine Water
  • Water Water

HP – Heat Pumps

Gain and increase the level of heating efficiency

Heat pumps use energy permanently available in the air, water and soil and which turns those into heating and hot water through self-produced solar power.

The full-fledged heating system requires only a small amount of power for the being put into motion and pump for creating this energy.

This will make photovoltaic system owners even more independent of fossil fuels or external energy providers. Therefore, heat pumps actively reduces the CO2 emissions and thus protects the environment.

Change is worthwhile; here are only a couple of benefits:

  • Low emissions rates (especially in connection with solar power)
  • Low loss rate
  • No chimney – no chimney sweep needed
  • Long-term usability with constant efficiency
  • (almost) Complete maintenance-free
  • Increase in value of your property


Heat pumps have a wide range of applications:

They can be used:

  • For providing in heating in residential, industrial and administrative buildings,
  • For heating drinking water in residential, industrial and administrative buildings,
  • For partial air conditioning (heating, cooling and dehumidification) for example in shops, industrial and administrative buildings and in restaurants and
  • For processing heat in both industrial and commercial locations.
The efficiency of a heat pump depends at a great extent on the insulation levels of the building, the number of users and the previous heat source.

Gladly we will consider your personal case and together with you, will look for the economically efficient variant.

From the renovation of an old building to a new building: we will find the right heat pump for you!

A heat pump has a high efficiency level. It provides the heat supply required within your own four walls and is CO2-neutral.

This makes them one of the top technologies of the future.

Which heat pump systems are suitable for which building type though?

Basically, there is no building where using a heat pump is not possible.

From highly energy-efficient new buildings to energy-efficient or unrefurbished detached houses – we offer you the right heat pump for buildings of almost any dimension.

Excellent efficiency

Automatic ventilation

Compact units

From the plus-energy house to passive buildings and low-energy houses – anyone building today has the chance to play energetically in the first league.

A highly efficient heat pump is almost natural. Excellent comfort is provided by full systems with integrated ventilation.

10-15 years compared to conventional heating systems.

BH – Biomass heating

In the different variants for:


  • Firewood
  • Pellets
  • Wood chips

BH – Biomass Heating

Gain heat from renewable raw materials


Heating with wood

Heating with wood is just as comfortable as heating with oil or gas.

Wood is a domestic and environmentally friendly fuel that grows in large quantities, burns CO2-neutral and it does not depend on international fuel crisis.

From an economic and ecological point of view, wood is the optimum fuel – both in its variants of piece goods, pellets and wood chips.

In the case of pellets and wood chips, the fuel is transported fully automatically from the storage room to the boiler. The combustion takes place up to the heat requirement and control set times/temperatures.

From the stove to the complex wood heating, when there is profitability, it can be used in any conditions.
If the wood heating is compared to fossil fuels, there is nothing to be desired in terms of cost-effectiveness. We are also happy to offer an evaluation of your project and will give you some wonderful reasons why switching pays off.
When determining the heating needs according to DIN 12831, the heated living space and the type of construction are important elements to consider. Our boilers are available for various capacities and can be used with their wide range of services both in low energy houses and in locations with a higher heating requirement. The integration into an existing heating environment is possible. Intelligent control management can offer the highest level of  efficiency.
Depending on competing fuel, between 5 and 15 years.

SP – Witt solar power plants

Electricity & drinking water produced with solar thermal energy

An indispensable technology for the future of humanity on planet Earth.



SP – Solar power plants

Win heat produced by solar thermal power plants

WITT SOLAR operates in the following business areas:

  • Heat storage power plants (WSK) with 24-72 hours of energy storage
  • Solar thermal power plants (MULTI-EFFECT-SOLAR POWER STORAGE STATION MES) with integrated 24h energy storage.
  • Energy self-sufficient plant for the seawater desalination.
  • Energy technology and cooling
  • as well as concept and feasability studies

In close cooperation with WITT SOLAR, we develop, plan and deliver innovative systems for the above business areas.

Efficiency, sustainability and environmental friendliness are always in the foreground.

  • In countries with at least 1500 hours of sunshine.
  • Near the shore with enough flat areas.
  • Wherever electricity and drinking water are needed.
The economic efficiency of a solar thermal power plant is so complex that it can only be explained by a concrete calculation.

Contact us! We can always evaluate your individual systems.

As of March 2013

Senegal: Multi-effect solar power plant (MES) with a net output of 60 MW, 433 GWh of electricity per year and 39,000 m³ of drinking water per day

Cameroon: Multi-effect solar power plant (MES) with 38 MW net output, 274 GWh of electricity production per year and 27,000 m³ of drinking water per day

MES generate solar power and drinking water at low cost.

This is the true “German energy revolution”.

We offer attractive investment opportunities. Feel free to get in touch with us!

For a lifetime of the plant of 50 years, a payback periods of about 7 – 13 years

STTSHPBHSP – Our strong partners

We only rely on the best elements.

Made in Germany.


For all the components important for the in solar thermal energy (ST), in thermal storage systems (TS), in heat pumps (HP), in biomass heating systems (BH) and in solar power plants (SP) systems, we work exclusively with industry market leaders. Therefore, our customers enjoy all the benefits associated with it:


  • A high product and service quality
  • Technological leadership
  • An excellent price / performance ratio.

All components are also tuned for optimal use, our choice being based on our many years of experience in the field of plant construction.

twl-logoStorage systems & collectors
Made in Germany.

Specialist and wholesaler of solar thermal energy, extensive storage program with high-performance and highest-class collectors. Two complementary products of the regenerative heating system. In the case of storage, the product range extends from small buffer storage to hygienic combi storage units to custom-made special storages.

In the field of solar thermal energy, TWL develops the most powerful solar collectors on the market. From flat plate collectors to heatpipe vacuum tube collectors, TWL offers first-class products, tailored in various sizes.

Biomass Heating & Storage systems,
Made in Germany.

Top products made with local know how and the highest precision in the company’s own factories in Austria and Germany. Froling is considered a complete supplier for the boiler industry. The product range includes logs, wood chip and pellet firings – from small boilers to industrial plants. The innovative storage systems range from buffer tanks to hygienic water heating and solar integration. Storage rooms are available in a wide range, including extensive product range.

Water-bearing stoves & biomass heating of the highest quality

La Nordica-Extraflame Group is an excellent example of what characterizes the Italian Northeast: passion and diligence.

Sophisticated high-tech products for every taste and requirements. These include state-of-the-art, classic and rustic wood and pellet stoves, stoves with ovens, wood stoves, fireplaces, boilers, which can turn into real mini-heating systems by connecting them to the home radiators.

Heat pumps of the highest quality

Mitsubishi Electric offers you absolutely reliable and regenerative heating technologies. Economical and ecological heating has never been so easy!

Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan air-to-water heat pumps combine the highest levels of efficiency and usability in an innovative heating system that offers unique benefits. For private and commercial systems up to 84 kW.